Frosty The Kid



rosty The Kid’s legacy began long ago during a cold Christmas season when he was nothing more than a small snowflake. He was an honest snowflake that would never do any wrong and loved to bring Christmas cheer to all he encountered.

One day, Frosty The Kid found a discarded hat. Knowing the original owner had purposely thrown it out, he decided to keep it. But for unknown reasons, the original owner became profoundly jealous and decided he wanted his hat back. He became vengeful and wrongly accused Frosty of stealing it! For the first time in history, wanted signs were posted for an innocent snowflake!

Fearing for his life, Frosty The Kid went into hiding. He was never seen again even though his name was eventually cleared of any wrong-doing. Rumors abound that he went North for the colder weather and travels back every Christmas to visit a few select friends that believe in him.

Help keep Frosty The Kid’s spirit alive by showing off in this one-of-a-kind design! Who knows, maybe he’ll come visit you this Christmas season!


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