Mason Jar Summer Drink Recipes

May 27, 2017
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May 26, 2017

Mason Jar Summer Drink Recipes

Summertime is here and the demand for BBQ’s, pool parties and mason jar summer drink recipes is back! Start planning your next backyard get-together and let Show Off The Store help by adding some Southern charm with our delightful mason jar stein. This glassware is perfect for serving those refreshing summer beverages.

To help you get started we’ve found some great recipes for you to serve up. Whatever your flavor preference is, you’re likely to discover a new favorite. Although we are featuring adult beverages here, don’t forget these steins are great for non-alcoholic drinks too!


Images and recipes provided by The Cocktail Project

Peach Daiquiri

Mason Jar Recipe Peach Daiquiri by The Cocktail Project
This perfect peach daiquiri has a great blend of  peach rum, aged light rum, fresh lime and simple syrup. It’s a summer-time favorite! Deck your mason jar with a fresh slice of peach and lime for garnish and you’ll be ready for the pool deck or even your patio deck.

Peach Tea

Mason Jar Drink Recipes by The Cocktail Project-Peach Tea
A Southern summer favorite with a little ‘kick’, this bourbon ice tea combines the fresh taste of peaches with bold tea and the smoothness of Maker’s Mark® Bourbon. Slice up some pretty peaches to adorn your mason jar.

Harbor Punch

Mason Jar Drink Recipes by The Cocktail Project-Harbor Punch
Basil Hayden’s® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey gives this punch its unique punch! Combined with iced tea, lemon juice and a few other specialty ingredients, this cocktail creates a sweet and refreshing flavor. Mint sprigs and lemon slices will help show off  your mason jar.

Handsom Ginger

Mason Jar Drink Recipes by The Cocktail Project-Handsome Ginger
A vodka and ginger beer cocktail is guaranteed to refresh. This drink puts the spicy notes of Ginger beer front and center, offset by a tart zing of lime, a bite of vodka, and the minty freshness of a good garnish.

Cruzan® Confusion

This tropical drink is true paradise. It combines the amazing flavors of coconut, mango and pineapple. Skewer a pineapple wedge, a mango cube and a pineapple leaf for garnish.

Cruzan® Strawberry & Ginger Ale

Mason Jar Drink Recipes by The Cocktail Project-Cruzan Strawberry Ginger Ale
This is a simple to make drink great for the novice mixologist. It consists of strawberry rum and ginger ale. Spruce it up by adding fresh sliced strawberries and lemons and garnish with some fresh mint sprigs.

Raspberry Lemonade

Mason Jar Recipe Raspberry Lemonade by The Cocktail Project
Raspberry vodka mixed with lemonade should be a summer staple. It’s light and refreshing and goes great with any outdoor party. Add some fresh raspberries and lemon slices to really show off your drink making skills and that awesome mason jar stein!

Banana Nana

Mason Jar Drink Recipes by The Cocktail Project-Banana Nana
This drink is a fun to say as it is to drink. It’s comprised of banana rum, dark rum and orange juice and is another simple beverage to make. Add unique style to your mason jar with a slice of banana and orange as garnish.

Berry Limonada

Mason Jar Drink Recipes by The Cocktail Project-Berry Limonada
Need a change from all the rum and vodka? Then give this tequila based lemonade a go. The perfect flavor is captured by stirring fresh raspberries and mint in the mix. Make sure to save some mint sprigs, lemon slices and raspberries for garnish to keep that mason jar from looking naked.

Jim Beam® Lemonade

Mason Jar Drink Recipes by The Cocktail Project-Jim Beam Lemonade
Jim Beam® and lemonade make a simple cocktail that contains the classic feel of summer. Easily mix up these two ingredients, add some sliced lemons to dress up that mason jar and you’re ready to go!

Vanilla Mango Mojito

Mason Jar Drink Recipes by The Cocktail Project-Vanilla Mango Mojito
Vanilla and mango rums mixed with a little sugar, lime and soda water make this a sweet and fresh delight. Pretty up your mason jar with lime wedges and mint sprigs.


Mason Jar Drink Recipes by The Cocktail Project-Smmmores
Gather everyone around the campfire for this decadent drink. Made with Pinnacle® Whipped® Vodka, DeKuyper® Creme De Cocoa Dark Liqueur and Soda Water it’s sure to bring back memories of summer camp (sans the alcohol). To really make your mason jar stand out in the dark, rim the glass with graham cracker crumbs, skewer some mini marshmellows and add a chocolate twig for garnish.

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