Flashy Summer Pool Floats For 2017

May 26, 2017
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Flashy Summer Pool Floats For 2017

Summer is upon us once again. And just like Show Off The Store, summer is all about fun. It’s time to break out the suntan lotion, swim suits and those awesomely unique pool floats! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite summer floats for 2017. These pool floats will boost your summer fun and have you showing off with a splash.

1. Succulent Sliced Fruit Pool Tubes

sliced fruit pool floats

These tropical fruit tubes are unlike any other. They look like real slices of fruit thanks to Pool Candy’s RealPrint Technology. They are so realistic looking they will have you craving a pina colada or tequila sunrise as you float in fresh style! At an oversized 36 inches in diameter and made from high quality PVC vinyl, they are sure to make your favorite list too!

2. Inflatable Surfboard Pool Float

inflatable surfboard pool float

This inflatable surfboard float is made with quality I-beam construction and heavy duty PVC vinyl. It features exclusive art work from Surf Club Hawaii and is sure to be a huge attention getter at a whopping 6 feet in lenght!

3. American Flag Pool Tube

American Flag Pool Tube

Independence Day is almost here! Show off your patriotism with another pool float tube printed with the RealPrint Technology. This float will surely make a colorful splash at the pool!

4. Beer Mug Pool Float

Beer Mug Pool Float With Cooler

I’ve seen beer mug floats before, but this one tops them all thanks to the convenient beverage cooler placed on the side! And I can’t forget to mention the cup holder on the other side! This float is the ultimate for looking cool and staying cool in the water.

5. Illuminated Pool Raft

light up pool raft flashing lights

When the sun goes down this pool raft becomes the shining star of the party! It features colorful LED lights inside that can be set to flash fast, slow or stay on solid. It runs on 3 AA batteries that are really easy to change when needed.

6. Giant Parrot Float

Giant Parrot Float

No pool float collection is complete without a giant bird. My new favorite is this giant parrot. It’s perfect for those tropical themed pool parties I love so much!

7. Luscious Lips Lounger

luscious lips lounger pool float

Make a statement and say it loud with the giant luscious lips lounger! You can even fit a friend or two with you on this one!

8. Benjamins Pool Tube

Benjamins pool tube float

Go ahead and flash your Benjamins for some attention with the Benjamins pool tube! The RealPrint Technology makes these 100 dollar bills look good and you’ll look even better floating in it.

9. Hot Bod Beach Bro

Hot Bod Beach Bro Pool Float

Who needs a boyfriend to take you to the beach when you’ve got the Hot Bod Beach Bro? If you like attention then this pool float is the one for you! It will surely have heads turning. There is even the female counterpart, the Hot Bod Beach Babe.

10. Face-To-Face Lounger

Face To Face Double Pool Lounger

This is the perfect pool lounger for two! It features a unique reverse position so you and your friend can easily see and talk to each other while relaxing in the water. And it comes complete with two drink holders, an onboard ice bucket and attached head rests! This is my personal favorite for comfort!

There are always new and exciting pool floats making their debut on the market and these are just some of our personal favorites. If you’re looking to make an impression at your next pool party then look no further! Show Off The Store has the pool floats to make a splash with!

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